We run our workshops on Saturdays but if you’d like to come on a different date, please call or email with your preferred dates so we can find a mutually convenient day.

The workshop covers the following aspects with one-to-one teaching:

  • Introduction to hand-setting metal type and locking up in a chase
  • Printing on an Adana 8×5 or a Farley proofing press

One day workshops are for a maximum of four people and cost £65.00 per person, includes all materials* & lunch.

*If you require special paper stock you are welcome to bring your own paper, otherwise we will provide all paper and other materials.

You may have a specific project in mind or you may want to come and just experiment, we welcome every level of expertise, and no, you don’t need to be a designer, artist or creative to give it a go.

Students will be able to typeset and print their own piece of work using metal or wood type. Printing will take place on 8 x 5 Adana handpresses or a Farley proofing press.

Please use the details on our contact page to book a workshop with us or email at: pixel_press@hotmail.co.uk