We are a letterpress, design & artists studio in Stoke Newington, North London, founded by artists Julieta H. Adame & David Vassie in 2012. We came together through a mutual interest in letterpress & we struck gold when we were offered to rescue an old printers workshop on top of our existing equipment. We spent most of the summer cleaning, repairing and identifying fonts. We did it because we detest the idea of seeing type being turned into coffee tables, akin to toys being entombed in their packaging, never to be played with. Later in the year we moved to our new premises in North London were we print bespoke invitations, artists books, small editions, experimental type projects & posters, for amongst others, artists, exhibitions & small business. We also run workshops for people to experience the joy of letterpress, be you an advanced user or beginner, which we find not only a labour of love but a good time to be at one with one’s self, away from your computer screen, tablets and smart phones.