McAwin Ltd provides solutions to clients that need prompt and cost effective service, prudence, Credibility and Accountability. We operate in the Construction & Health sectors providing Construction Consultancy & Health management services.

Our Team

Mackwin Maton MSc. MBA (Director)

Mr Maton worked in construction for circa 25 years before setting up McAwin with his Co-Directors.The network of old colleagues and clients has become mutually beneficial to the 3 parties. He oversees the operation of the company.

Modupe Project Manager

Modupe has travelled all over the world. Working for the first time after graduation, She’s every morning looking out on how to help; otherwise known in the office as the networker, Modupe’s charm and willingness to lend a hand to everyone has been key to building our large local client base. Despite her fondness for chit chat, she finds time to do her work giving very good attention to details.

Alvin (Manager, Accounts)

Alvin is the one that has the balancing act. He ensures that we are always in with her Majesty. He does the calling up too for the settlement of our bills.

Joy (Manager, Marketing)

Joy is the wiz kid that pitches our services to the client. She may be the one speaking with you on our road shows or on our own end of the phone.

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