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Upholstery Cleaning

We pride ourselves on our flexibility, technical skill, and ability to cope cheerfully with any job – be it big, small or downright peculiar. We relish a challenge. Choose from the menu below for more detail on what we do, and how we do it.

Don’t deter visitors with grubby reception furniture; let our trained technicians work their Deep Kleen magic.

Like carpets, deterioration in upholstery occurs gradually and it can be some time before anyone working in the office notices. Visitors, on the other hand, will instantly notice the shabby furniture.

A planned programme of upholstery cleaning and maintenance makes sure that significant deterioration is not allowed to occur, and furniture is maintained in tip top condition. Reception area sofas and chairs are particularly prone to damage, with coffee spills often a problem. Unfortunately a shabby reception area sends out all the wrong signals to visitors, so it’s worth taking special care to maintain a flawless appearence. Our trained technicians use the latest upholstery cleaning techniques for fast, effective results. The difference can be remarkable, with items frequently returned to ‘as new’ condition.

Large scale cleaning programmes are no problem. As part of one large scale contract we cleaned 1,350 upholstered chairs once every quarter for more than ten years.